L’Histoire de Montage is a system which was created to encourage active thinking and creativity through the use of a dictionary.

Why a dictionary? Hardly anyone ever uses a dictionary these days. I’m not referring to those online dictionaries. Think of those thick, bound books of varying languages which are collecting dust on your topmost shelf. That’s what I’m talking about.

This system will encourage active thinking and creativity because the random word picked will have a high probability that it is not a word that you frequently use.

L’Histoire de Montage, which is French for ‘The Montage Story’, it basically sums up the end result of the system which is a montage that forms a story.

An illustration will be done a day (through digital means), starting from 1st April, for 15 days, using words from DK Revised & Updated Illustrated Oxford Dictionary. The word will be picked randomly with the help of a counter/tracker put on the blog. The counter will only be noted at 11PM.

E.g. The counter reads: 789.
Proceed to page 789 on the dictionary.
Add 7 + 8 + 9 = 24
On page 789, entry 24 is ‘soft landing’.
Illustrate its meaning.

After 15 days, the illustrations will be made into a montage, and a story will be written on it.

If you are interested in reading the system in further detail, you can download the contract here. If you are interested in participating in the system, post the link of your illustration in the comments (they will be uploaded to the contributions page), and let’s have fun!


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L’Histoire de Montage

- Check the hit counter every day at 11PM.
- Go to that page on the dictionary.
- Add the digits of the hit counter together, and count to get that particular entry.
- Make a digital illustration by the next day's 11PM.
- Make a montage of all the illustrations at the end of 15 days.
- Write a story based on the montage.

For more detailed information about the system, please proceed to About or FAQ.


This blog is a system created by Aisyah, for her 4D final project. The layout, images, illustrations and stories on this website are © Aisyah unless otherwise stated.


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