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Montage 01: Jubilation


Today is the day that the montage and its story will be presented. It will be ‘exhibited’ in our large class made to look like a gallery. My montage, which is printed on an A2 board will be stuck on the wall, and there will be a laptop which allows visitors to browse through this blog. Also, speakers will be attached to the laptop so that as they view the montage, the podcast which is the form of storytelling for the montage story, will be played as well.

To download the podcast, please right-click and save as the file here.

To view the script for the montage story, please click here.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and supported this system. May it have a second round in the future (:




1-15. laughing gas

 Laughing gas.

About the illustration
An unsuspectingly cute cloud with butt-shaped lips. With just a kiss, the victim will laugh and faint or become numb, or laugh until they die. It depends on the dosage ;D It’s a lethal cloud of induced laughter.

Laughing gas. It makes me think of er, farting D: Maniacal laughing and a butt.

Cartoon. Pen and brush tool in Adobe Photoshop CS.   

 Hit counter.

Page 457, entry 16; 
laughing gas  n. nitrous oxide as an anaesthestic

Personal opinion (about the entry)
I know what to draw!! (I think.) XD

This is the last entry from the dictionary.

Thank you to all the visitors who helped me increase the hits, and especially to two very good friends who helped spread the system by placing the URL on their MSN nick and on their online diary respectively *muacks*

The next one will be of the montage and the story. Look forward to it! (^____^)



1-14. Jubilee clip

 Jubilee clip.

About the illustration
Jubilee clip. The first word reminded me of Jubilee from X-Men. Haha. But I didn’t follow up on that. Anyway, jubilee also reminded me of jubilation. The shape of the jubilee clip, which is also known as a hose clip, is round and looks like bangle or ring.

Add those things together, and I get a happy ring… or a ring that brings its user happiness ;D I made it look like a wedding ring/band, but a kiddy version, because marriages are supposed to be happy, right? And the kiddy version is because it’s like a promise between kids. I read too much manga.

Vector (kind of). Pen and brush tool in Adobe Illustrator CS.   

 Hit counter.

Page 436, entry 13; 
Jubilee clip n. propr. an adjustable steel band secured with a screw.

Personal opinion (about the entry)
Now that’s precise! :D



1-12. humanitarian


About the illustration
The link from the entry ‘humanitarian’ and my illustration is that there are people from many races, religion and culture who need human welfare, and not only those from third world countries.

My illustration is of a whirlwind of people. The different races are to represent the different people from all walks of life involved in human welfare, and the spiraling of the people is actually to give an impression of the people being in a circle to represent that it’s a global mission, and that the number of people involved are many although in my illustration, the impression given is ‘endless’. I was very tempted to draw the Earth under the swirl of people D:

I suppose the stereotype for this entry would be linking hands of different races surrounding the Earth? :D

Cartoon & Vector. Pen, brush and pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator CS.     

 Hit counter.

Page 397, entry 19: 
humanitarian n. 1 a person who seeks to promote human welfare. 2 a philanthropist. adj. 1 of, relating to, or holding the views of humanitarians. 2 of or relating to human welfare (on humanitarian grounds). humanitarianism n.

Personal opinion (about the entry)



1-11. handicap


About the illustration
I’m taking the first thing that popped into my head: physical handicap. To me, the most obvious physical handicap is of the leg. You can tell if one has a disability there, no matter how slight just by their posture or the way they walk.

My illustration is of crossbones, but they’re the bones of legs and feet. Their proper names are tibia, fibula, tarsus, metatarsus, and phalanges. It’s supposed to resemble a pirate flag (also known as the Jolly Roger) but without the skull. It’s meaning is not the same as what a pirate flag is. Instead, I’m taking just the visual meaning, which is the placement of the bones across each other.

The message I’m trying to bring across is that having a physical disability is no longer a problem at this current age. There are prosthetic arms and legs available to help overcome such disabilities. So it’s not a sign of danger or death, but hope?

I don’t think I’m making any sense. Hurhur D:

Flat vector (?). Polygonal lasso tool (alternating between addition and subtraction) in Adobe Photoshop CS.    

 Hit counter.

Page 369, entry 18: 
handicap n. 1 a a disadvantage imposed on a superior competitor in order to make the chances more equal. b a race or contest in which this is imposed. 2 the number of strokes by which a golfer normally exceeds par for the course. 3 a thing that makes progress or success difficult. 4 a condition that markedly restricts a person’s ability to function physically, mentally, or socially. (handicapped, handicapping) 1 impose a handicap on. 2 place at a disadvantage. [probably from phrase hand in cap: the cap held forfeit money in a game of chance (17th c.)] handicapper n.

Personal opinion (about the entry)
Phew, finally an entry that is used common enough :D



1-10. glycoprotein


About the illustration
Research of the entry made me come up with two keywords. Sugar and chains. My illustration is of a sugar cubes chain tree, where a tree grows from a sack of sugar. The trunk and branches are made of chain, but crystal and transparent, and sugar cubes grow and hang from these branches.

I know this illustration is awful, especially when the sugar cubes ended up looking like ice cubes D; I really tried my best though. It looked a whole lot better in the sketch :/

Crosshatching and cel shading. Pen and brush tool in Adobe Photoshop CS.

 Hit counter.

Page 346, entry 13: 
glycoprotein n. any class of compounds consisting of a protein combined with a carbohydrate.

Personal opinion (about the entry)
Science term again?! D: Extensive research required.

Anyway, this is the 10th entry. 5 more entries to go! :D



1-09. furbelow


About the illustration
I guess this entry and illustration is pretty straightforward. When my idea is lacking, I try to make it up with technique. I try.

So this girl is lifting her skirt to show her plain but lacy white panties peeking from under it. Her skirt is also frilly. I’m kind of poking fun at the classic Minnie Mouse who only wears her white polka dotted red skirt. Only. And you can see her petticoat or underwear because of her tiny skirt.

My illustration is somewhat similar to that idea. Skin is shown above the waist of the skirt. The skirt is red with white polka dots, and is frilly underneath it XD Although I’m poking fun at Minnie Mouse, it doesn’t mean I don’t like her. Disney cartoons were my beginning.

Why is she so vulgar as to lift her skirt? I wanted to answer the derogatory part of the entry without it having the same meaning.

Anyway, I think the skirtless version is better :D You can view it here. It’s not ‘finished’ though. I didn’t paint some parts because the skirt is supposed to cover it anyway. Oh, and I tried the skirt with black polka dots too. I prefer that to the white ones, but since Minnie’s skirt has white polka dots… (-___-) You can view that version here.

Cel shading (kind of?). Pen and brush tool in Adobe Photoshop CS.   

 Hit counter.

Page 328, entry 13: 
furbelow –
n. 1 a gathered strip or pleated border of a skirt or petticoat. 2 (in pl.; especially in phrase frills and furbelows) derog. showy ornaments. t.vr adorn with furbelows. [18th-century variant of falbala ‘flounce, trimming’]

Personal opinion (about the entry)
t.vr = transitive verb. Hee, if I understand correctly, I have two ideas on what to draw :D Hoho.



L’Histoire de Montage

- Check the hit counter every day at 11PM.
- Go to that page on the dictionary.
- Add the digits of the hit counter together, and count to get that particular entry.
- Make a digital illustration by the next day's 11PM.
- Make a montage of all the illustrations at the end of 15 days.
- Write a story based on the montage.

For more detailed information about the system, please proceed to About or FAQ.


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