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1-09. furbelow


About the illustration
I guess this entry and illustration is pretty straightforward. When my idea is lacking, I try to make it up with technique. I try.

So this girl is lifting her skirt to show her plain but lacy white panties peeking from under it. Her skirt is also frilly. I’m kind of poking fun at the classic Minnie Mouse who only wears her white polka dotted red skirt. Only. And you can see her petticoat or underwear because of her tiny skirt.

My illustration is somewhat similar to that idea. Skin is shown above the waist of the skirt. The skirt is red with white polka dots, and is frilly underneath it XD Although I’m poking fun at Minnie Mouse, it doesn’t mean I don’t like her. Disney cartoons were my beginning.

Why is she so vulgar as to lift her skirt? I wanted to answer the derogatory part of the entry without it having the same meaning.

Anyway, I think the skirtless version is better :D You can view it here. It’s not ‘finished’ though. I didn’t paint some parts because the skirt is supposed to cover it anyway. Oh, and I tried the skirt with black polka dots too. I prefer that to the white ones, but since Minnie’s skirt has white polka dots… (-___-) You can view that version here.

Cel shading (kind of?). Pen and brush tool in Adobe Photoshop CS.   

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Page 328, entry 13: 
furbelow –
n. 1 a gathered strip or pleated border of a skirt or petticoat. 2 (in pl.; especially in phrase frills and furbelows) derog. showy ornaments. t.vr adorn with furbelows. [18th-century variant of falbala ‘flounce, trimming’]

Personal opinion (about the entry)
t.vr = transitive verb. Hee, if I understand correctly, I have two ideas on what to draw :D Hoho.




1-08. fiscal year

Fiscal year.

About the illustration
Money, money, money. The world is driven by it. It’s a love-hate relationship where you can’t live without it, and having it can also drive you crazy. That’s how I feel anyway.

My interpretation of this entry is a city of golden coins. Okay, maybe not city from my illustration as it looks rather barbaric to be a city, but a place where giant gold coins are the city’s foundations. A high-tech city. A place which dazzles the eyes. But it is also the place where the people are constantly competitive and are filled with greed. There are twelve towers (some fading into the background) and in contrast, there is a mound where the failures are.

The twelve towers are the twelve months in a year. Their varying heights and the mound represent the financial gains and losses.

I know the coins hardly look like coins D: Oh, the thing zooming in the foreground is a coin spaceship :D This is the city’s main mode of transportation! (It is also a representation of financial gain.)

Digital watercolour and mark making. Watercolour brush tool in openCanvas 1.1.  

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Page 301, entry 4: 
fiscal year –

Personal opinion (about the entry)
D: What the… is it just me, or are the entries getting harder?

And the number of hits jumped so much. Thank you to the visitors, commentors and contributors!! :D



1-07. driven


About the illustration
It’s cartoony and mark-making for today’s illustration. I think my professors are going to cry if they see this horror. It was fun to do though :D

A lot of things come to mind with ‘driven’, but the one that stands out the most is driven to the brink of insanity. Okay, I didn’t portray the ‘brink’ part but that’s not important. The things that connect with my friends and I, as you can see from the comments, are insanity and screws… both of which has to do with school (: I tried not to let Britney Spears’ (You Drive Me) Crazy pop into my head.

So we have Mr. Skull who still has his eyeballs, but they’re trying hard not to get completely popped out from their scokets as a little nightmare occurs on his cranium. Little cars drive around his cranium (oh, pun!) and screws are coming loose (lose screws, get it? :D) with blood spurting from its holes.

Oh yeah. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying different styles. This was meant to look messy. I’m serious :D

Cartoony. Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop CS.  

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Page 248, entry 14: 
driven –
past part. of DRIVE

Personal opinion (about the entry)
I’m glad that the entry isn’t ‘drive’ because I’d have to type out about 100 words of information. However, driven is also a bit… hard to illustrate :/



1-06. deep-laid


About the illustration
This is my interpretation of deep-laid. Deep-laid scheme is an elaborate scheme, which makes me think of an elaborate web of deceit. The illustration is of dark gloved hands manipulating a web.

Another interpretation of mine was a giant pair of hands which was ‘hovering’ above a city… but that’s too normal.

Vector. Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator CS.

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Page 214, entry 7: 
deep-laid –
adj. (of a scheme) secret and elaborate.

Personal opinion (about the entry)
… elaborate?!



1-05. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

About the illustration
Decided to do the crack idea some other time because it was a personal joke. Encephalopathy is brain-related disease, and one of the effects of dementia is the loss of memory. Add that with ‘spongi’ (or rather, a sponge), and it’s a brain riddled with holes.

The brain is with holes and trying to fly away to leave everything behind is my interpretation of memory loss. However, it is grounded by being chained to a metal ball with a chain.

The brain, supposedly being the real-life element in this illustration, is painted, whereas the other elements being the imaginary ones are in a sketchy and messy style, and are transparent. They, unlike the brain, do not have shadows.

Digital painting and sketchy style. Brush and Pencil tool in Adobe Photoshop CS. 

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Page 196, entry 16: 
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease –
n. a type of spongi-form, encephalopathy affecting human beings, characterized by progressive dementia. [named after H. G. Creutzfeldt, 1885-1964, and A. Jakob, 1884-1931, German physicians]

Personal opinion (about the entry)
Research required, but I kind of have a crack idea on what to draw :D The crack idea will be posted when I have time to work on it. Sorry D;



1-04. circular


About the illustration
It’s not an object, but well, it’s a noun! This time, the illustration is fairly simple. It was also supposed to be done fairly quickly but painting the moon was hell not easy.

I chose to illustrate the moon because ‘circular’ reminded me of the earth and its rotation on its axis and around the sun. That then made me think of the moon. The moon was picked over Earth because I remembered some Science teachers in my primary school arguing whether the Earth was completely round (circular) or not. Haha. Oh, and I attempted painting the Earth before. It looked like it was full of nuclear waste, ready to explode :/

Painting the moon took me a much longer time than the rest of the illustrations D; It initially looked like a gigantic round cheese, but after much effort, I think it looks passable. Sort of. Hurhur.

Digital painting. Brush and blur tools in Adobe Photoshop CS. 

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Page 153, entry 9: 
circular –
adj. 1 a having the form of a circle. b moving or taking place along a circle (circular tour). 2 Logic (of reasoning) depending on a vicious circle. 3 (of a letter or advertisement etc.) for distribution to a large number of people. n. a circular letter, leaflet, etc. [based on Latin circulus ‘circle’]. circularity n. circularly adv.

Personal opinion (about the entry)
… it seems easy, but the more I think about it, the entry is actually pretty complicated… that is, if I try to think beyond simple. I think I should focus on an object next since I already have too many characters.



1-03. carbine


About the illustration
The description of the entry, and the added note that it was from a mounted musketeer… and I thought, “Trigger Happy Musketeer!!” :D A sadistic smile, a deep frown and curls sticking out from his hair. BANG BANG!!

I managed to only draw (my interpretation of) d’Artagnan when I intended to draw him and his friends, The Three Musketeers. I might add Athos, Porthos and Aramis when I find the time :D I feel guilty for portraying such a great character this way. Tsk tsk.

Sketchy style. Pencil tool in Adobe Photoshop CS.

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Page 126, entry 9: 
carbine –
n. a short firearm, usually a rifle, originally for cavalry use. [from French carabine, weapon of the carabin ‘mounted musketeer’]

Personal opinion (about the entry)
From the entry, I’m not thinking of the carbine much as a weapon like how it would be used now. Hurhur *thinks* Hope I can pull the illustration off! :D



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